In 2007, Joe Biden Walked Back The Claim That He Was “Shot At” In Iraq

With Brian Williams bringing back the headlines about Hillary Clinton making the news for her bungled comments on being shot at in Bosnia, turns out she wasn’t the only one to make such claims. During a 2007 Democrat primary debate, then-Sen. Joe Biden also claimed he was shot at during his trips to Iraq. Biden later had to walk back those comments, according to The Hill:

“Biden said the incident happened in the morning while he and at least one other senator were shaving. Although he said it shook the building, he wasn’t rattled enough to duck and cover. ‘No one got up and ran from the room-it wasn’t that kind of thing,’ he said. ‘…It’s not like I had someone holding a gun to my head.’ Thinking about it now, he said, a more accurate comment would have been: ‘I was near where a shot landed.’”