WaPo: There is now an anti-Hillary Clinton coloring book. And, yes, there is a Benghazi page.

“Unsurprisingly, the Republican opposition research organization America Rising PAC did not agree, and decided to make a supplement to the Hillary Clinton coloring book.

If you ever wanted to color in a picture of Hillary Clinton testifying about the Benghazi attacks, now is your chance.

In a world that includes politicians making Harlem Shake videos, politicians taking selfies and politicians being Twitter trolls, you may not be shocked to learn this isn’t the first time someone has designed anti-Hillary Clinton coloring book pages. In 2007, the “Very Unofficial Hillary Clinton Coloring Book” included “challenging activities for all ages” including, “‘Help Hillary be More Macho’ and ‘Dress Bill for Any Occasion’ (paper doll cut out clothes), and ‘Play Running Mate Roulette.’”

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