Meet P.G. Sittenfeld: Ohio’s Most Ambitious Young Man!


Meet P.G. Sittenfeld, the most ambitious young man in Ohio! Sittenfeld, who is a Cincinnati city council member, announced this morning that he plans to run for Senate.

That news likely doesn’t shock people who know Sittenfeld well. Just last year, it was reported that Sittenfeld locked down domain names for a Senate (, gubernatorial (, and yes, even a presidential campaign (

p g sittenfeld meme

This 30 year-old’s ambition can only be rivaled by the disastrous NY-19 Democrat candidate Sean Eldridge.

And like Eldridge, Sittenfeld holds deep beliefs in policies that are badly out of step with the voters he wants to win over. For example:

Sittenfeld on the Occupy Wall Street protests: “I was actually down visiting some friends at the Occupy Cincinnati protests the other day. I’m very sympathetic to the sentiment that I think is at the core of that movement, and is obviously a national frustration with a seeming sort of disparity where the rich are getting richer and a lot of everybody else is left hurting. I think they should probably be able to stay where they are and exercise their right to their opinion.”

Sittenfeld on ObamaCare: Republicans are “scared that people are going to like it as much as they know they are.”

National polls have consistently shown ObamaCare to be deeply unpopular.