More Hillary Land Infighting

Within hours of a leak to Politico that Hillary Clinton was planning a coronation strategy and a mid-summer campaign launch free of pesky things like debates, CNN is reporting that infighting has “erupted” over when she should jump in.

An internal debate among Hillary Clinton supporters about the timing of when she should launch her expected campaign for the presidency has erupted once again.

Several Democrats have told CNN that there is a desire on the part of Clinton and her innermost circle to go as late as possible. But the potential for a summer start to the official Clinton 2016 campaign, first reported this morning by Politico, is only one of the options on the table. The spring launch plan is still seen by most Clinton watchers as the most likely timing scenario. …

Some Democrats have also expressed concern that a later start to Clinton’s campaign will appear like the nomination is shaping up to be more of a coronation and a race – something Clinton and her advisers are looking to avoid.

This is starting to resemble the infighting that plagued her leaky 2008 campaign and doesn’t bode well for the no-drama Obama advisers she’s planning to bring into her fold.

Also in the report, Team Clinton isn’t too happy with the work of American Bridge PAC and Correct The Record, set up to defend her record.

The Democratic National Committee and the liberal superPAC American Bridge are both currently playing defense on Clinton’s behalf. But the cover has not necessarily been to the satisfaction of all in Clinton’s orbit.

Of course, when Clinton has been out there defining herself, it hasn’t exactly gone so well.