U.S. Secret Service Agents Sent To Saskatoon For Clinton’s Big $ Speech

The Weekly Standard reports that according to a co-sponsor of Hillary Clinton’s two paid speaking events in Canada, a 65-member U.S. Secret Service detail was deployed to Saskatoon, Canada to provide security for the event, presumably at U.S. taxpayer expense.

In advance of her appearance, TCU Place security services supervisor Marty Gilley said they’ve been working with RCMP and the U.S. Secret Service for the past week.

“To source out the site, inspect all kinds of potential hazards from bomb threats to smoke bombs that could be put in intakes into our building to make the event go south,” Gilley explained.

“The day of the show, the rest of the Secret Service fly in from other points of the United States of America. A full deployment is approximately 65 agents that will be in the house for the event.”

UPDATE: CNN is reporting that the number of Secret Service agents originally reported was inaccurate.