4 Videos From Today’s Benghazi Hearing That Show Dems Stonewalling

During today’s House Select Committee on Benghazi, State Department liaison to the House, Joel Rubin, continued the administration’s stonewalling of the ongoing investigation.

Just yesterday, news outlets reported that Democrats were unhappy with how Republicans were handling the committee. And yet today, Democrats actively inhibited the committee’s ability to get answers regarding the attack and the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens. See below for the 4 videos from today’s hearing that show Democrats stonewalling:

Dems On Benghazi Committee Have Not Sought Any Documents, Interviews

Witness Refuses To Say If Clinton’s Benghazi Emails Have Been Turned Over

Gowdy Promises “Formal Legal Process” If State Continues Stonewalling

State Dept. Witness Spends 10 Minutes Dodging Questions On Documents, Witnesses