The 10 Most Martin O’Malley Things That Ever Happened

Today is Martin O’Malley’s birthday, and we wanted to tribute him with a listicle of things that make him him.

1) When Nobody Thought O’Malley Should Run For President


2) When A Gang Took Over A Baltimore Prison And Maryland Governor O’Malley Didn’t Mind

3) When Martin O’Malley Dressed Up Like A General And Rode A Horse


4) When Maryland’s Economy Didn’t Grow Under His Watch


5) When He Bombed His Reddit AMA


6) That Time Martin O’Malley Fell Asleep On The Job

O'Malley Sleeping

7) When O’Malley’s Flawed Obamacare Website Cost Maryland Millions… More


8) When Nobody At Center For American Progress Liked Him :(

Omalley sad

9) When O’Malley’s Obamacare Site Was “Crashing All Over The Place”

giphy (2)

10) When Martin O’Malley Read The Directions From The Teleprompter

martin omalley