Elizabeth Warren Demands Others Disclose Their Corporate Pay, Refused To Reveal Her Own

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has demanded the government force CEOs to reveal their salaries. This demand for corporate transparency, however, does not seem to apply to Sen. Warren who has refused to name what corporations she used to work for let alone how much the corporations paid her.

While running for Senate in 2012, Warren refused to reveal what corporations she had previously consulted for during a radio interview even though the host noted she is someone that “talk[s] about transparency.” After refusing to be open about which companies had paid her, let alone how much, The Hill reports  Sen. Warren has joined with 13 progressive senators in demanding that the government force CEOs to reveal their salaries.

Sen. Warren often complains “the game is rigged” against average Americans. As a Senator, however, Warren will not even follow the same rules she is trying to force on others.