PA Dem Attorney General “Asleep At The Switch” Says Fellow Dem


Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Kathleen Kane is really bad at her job. That’s according to Bob Brady, U.S. Congressman and Chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Party, who called Kane “asleep at the switch” as the state’s top prosecutor.

Kane, also a Democrat, is in the hot seat for refusing to prosecute two state lawmakers from Philadelphia on bribery charges. Brady told the Philadelphia Inquirer he has “no faith in his fellow Democrat as the state’s top law enforcement officer.”

Brady’s comments were a clear sign of the political damage Kane has sustained within her own party from her handling of the corruption probe. The first Democrat and first woman to be elected attorney general, Kane had been touted as a future governor or U.S. senator, but many Democrats are now wondering if she should be reelected in 2016.

Brady’s own support sounded less than ironclad.

“People make mistakes,” he said. “There’s plenty of time to see how she handles herself, but this is certainly a misstep. It looks like she was asleep at the switch.”