How The #LASEN Debate Began For Mary Landrieu

Mary Landrieu was immediately put on defense during tonight’s Louisiana Senate debate about using taxpayer dollars to fly on private jets to campaign events:

“The idea that you have reported almost $35,000 in expenses for air travel, private charter planes that were billed to the Senate office instead of your … campaign going back to 2002 when the rules changed. Why isn’t there any inconsistency in you demanding the Congressman bring all 63 months of records for his work at LSU when we don’t know how you traveled in the first six years of office?”

It just got worse from there. Landrieu got in a debate with the moderator about what does and does not define a “prop” at a debate.

Then there was this follow up question about Landrieu’s abuse of taxpayer dollars for flights:

“The $5,500 for one charter flight from New Orleans to Lake Charles, that’s one specific charter that jumped out at me, if that had happened in the business world, I think in most businesses, people would have been laughed out of the room if they had suggested having that kind of expense charged to a company.”