Irony of the Day: Clinton Promised Speedy FOIAs in 2008

Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that delays in response to FOIAs has prompted Citizens United to file a lawsuit against the State Department. The documents include flight records during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State.

But in 2008, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claimed that openness and transparency would be hallmarks of her administration:

“I will direct my administration to prevent needless classification of information that ought to be shared with the public. We will adopt a presumption of openness and Freedom of Information Act requests and urge agencies to release information quickly if disclosure will do no harm. It was Attorney General Janet Reno’s approach, and it will be my Attorney General’s approach, as well.”

The AP reports that the State Department takes an average of 450 days to respond to FOIA requests—by far the worst response time of any agency. Quite a legacy Clinton left behind!