VIDEO: Gruber: “I Love” The Hillary Clinton Health Care Plan


Speaking at a forum in October 2008 about the presidential candidates’ health care plans, ObamaCare adviser Jonathan Gruber, now infamous for saying ObamaCare passed because of voter stupidity and a lack of transparency, declared his “love” for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 health care plan. Gruber also linked ObamaCare and HillaryCare, saying definitively “The Hillary Clinton plan was Obama’s plan plus a mandate,” a provision which would eventually be added to ObamaCare and make Hillary the “Mother of Obamacare.”


QUESTION: “Would you make a comment about the Hillary Clinton plan?”

GRUBER: “I love the Hillary Clinton plan, what can I say. The Hillary Clinton plan was the Massachusetts plan. The Hillary Clinton plan was Obama’s plan plus a mandate and I think it was a better plan. I think that a mandate is really a central part of doing fundamental healthcare reform. I was surprised politically she did that. I think Obama was a lot smarter politically to not have a mandate at least in his proposal for the election. But I do hope – I think these numbers from Massachusetts, it’s gaining a lot of traction and I know the folks in the Senate who are working this are taking a mandate very seriously and I hope that’ll be part of a national debate.”