Top 6 Things To Know About Mary Landrieu (D-LA)

Sen. Mary Landrieu is running for a fourth term in Louisiana.

1. Landrieu Loves To Fly Private, Especially When The Taxpayers Are Paying For It.

Landrieu called for an internal investigation into all of her air travel since she was a Senator after it was revealed that she had broken federal campaign finance law by charging taxpayers for at least four (1, 2, 3 & 4) private flights to campaign events. In September 2014, Landrieu’s investigative team revealed that she had improperly billed taxpayers for $33,700 worth of private flights since 2002 to fundraisers and other campaign functions, which is illegal.


Landrieu’s investigation leaves much to be desired though. It doesn’t paint the whole picture by leaving out her flights from before 2002 because of a technicality. There could be many more flights that Landrieu has left taxpayers to foot the bill for.

Landrieu originally called the flights a “mistake,” but the reporting and her subsequent investigation make one thing clear: this isn’t a mistake; instead it’s sloppy stewardship of public money and an example of a Senator who is out of touch with hardworking Louisianans.

2. Landrieu Lives Full-Time In A $2.5 Million D.C. Mansion; Has No Home In Louisiana

Landrieu claims her primary residence is her parents’ home in New Orleans although the neighbors never see her, and she and her husband do not own any developed property in Louisiana on their own.

Landrieu and her husband do own a Washington D.C. residence though that was assessed to be over $2.4 million in 2013, and proposed the 2014 value to be worth more than $2.5 million. The D.C. mansion is listed as Landrieu’s home address on her2002, 2008, and 2014 re-election paperwork.

Landrieu loves her D.C. neighborhood and has nothing but glowing things to say about it. Landrieu’s love for D.C. has been recognized by others too. D.C.’s Mayor Vincent Gray said Landrieu was the “Senator representing the District of Columbia until we become the 51st state.” Landrieu’s Capitol Hill neighbor, Bill Press, said she did more than anyone else to help provide funding for a community center in her D.C. neighborhood, while lobbyist Greg Farmer said Landrieu has dedicated “lots of efforts” to make Capitol Hill a better place to live.

3. Landrieu Told The 2013 Lie Of The Year When She Promised Louisianans They Could Keep Their Health Insurance Under ObamaCare

In December 2009, Mary Landrieu promised on the Senate floor that individuals would be able to keep their current insurance plan under ObamaCare. She even said it was a “very accurate description” of the health care law. This promise by Landrieu was PolitiFact’s 2013 Lie Of The Year and The Washington Post’s Fact Checker gave the promise four Pinocchios. Landrieu clearly lied and misled the 93,000 Louisianians who lost their existing insurance coverage.

Landrieu even laughed off the idea of apologizing for her support of the law and her false promise that if Louisianans liked their health care plan they could keep it.

4. She Also Recently Repeated The 2011 Lie Of The Year

She made a known false attack on Republicans and Medicare.

5. Landrieu Has Voted With President Obama 95 Percent Of The Time Since He Became President.

Mary Landrieu may say she’s an “independent voice” for Louisiana, but in 2013 she voted with the Democratic party 91 percent of the time.

Landrieu has voted with President Obama an average of 95 percent of the time since he’s been in office.

6. Landrieu Puts Harry Reid Before Louisiana

Landrieu claims she has clout in Senate and fights DC for Louisiana, but the truth is Harry Reid stops that kind of legislation. Rather than stand up to Reid on this or the Keystone Pipeline, she still supports him.

Landrieu is truly D.C.’s senator.