Secretary Clinton Sent Over $500 Million To A Company Known For Fraud & Waste

State Department WasteDuring Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department, over $526 million was given to a company that had a history of fraud and abuse. Unsurprisingly, the company continued to defraud and waste taxpayer money with the funding it received during Secretary Clinton’s tenure.

The Washington Examiner writes that starting as far back as 2006, government audits of the company, RTI International, “documented how the firm left a trail of misused funds, unfinished projects and unmet promises in 24 of the world’s most impoverished countries.” Some of the more egregious examples noted by the Washington Examiner were that RTI International:

  • “Invented ‘fictional beneficiaries’ and ‘possibly even fictional spray operators’ in an anti-malaria campaign in Ghana.”
  • “Paid ‘inordinate attention’ to details like the color of furniture for women’s centers it was building in South Africa that failed to meet even local health standards once finished.”
  • “Sent computers to a school in an area of Nicaragua without electricity.”
  • “The nonprofit once spent $23,000 set aside for fighting HIV on a single lunch at a luxury South African hotel, according to a Jan. 4, 2011, audit report.”
  • “Three top RTI executives pulled down between $550,000 and $605,000…” (For comparison, the President makes $400,000)

Shockingly, “of the 26 performance audits filed between 2006 and 2014 by the IG, all but two were critical of the company’s work. … IG auditors have long accused RTI of filing faulty progress reports, misusing tax dollars and failing to implement projects according to contract specifications.”

The performance audits were performed by the independent inspector general for USAID, the agency responsible for America’s foreign aid.  USAID has given RTI International more than $1.8 billion in contracts between 2003 and 2012. During Secretary Clinton’s tenure, the State Dept. and USAID gave RTI International over $526 million according to federal contract data.

USAID is an independent government agency that receives “overall foreign policy guidance from the Secretary of State,” is overseen by the State Department, and its foreign assistance budget is managed from within the State Department.