Close Family Friend Of The Clintons Is Under F.B.I. Investigation

Robin Raphel Under InvestigationThe Washington Free Beacon reported today that Robin Raphel, a longtime Clinton ally, is being investigated by the F.B.I. Raphel was a lobbyist on behalf of Pakistan before Secretary of State Clinton appointed her to oversee U.S. aid to Pakistan.

Robin Rafel is a close family friend of the Clintons. According to Foreign Policy, Raphel studied in England with Bill Clinton and was roommates with Bill Clinton’s then-girlfriend. A 1992 article in The New York Times Magazine titled “Most Likely To Succeed,” explains how Bill Clinton formed unusually tight bonds with the Americans studying with him in England. While in England, Raphel was dating Bill Clinton’s then-best friend, Frank Aller. Foreign Policy also reports that Raphel is close to Hillary Clinton and several of Hillary Clinton’s advisors.

The Free Beacon reports that Raphel was working as the Pakistani government’s lobbyist just days before Secretary Clinton appointed her to oversee nonmilitary aid to Pakistan. Raphel’s work on behalf of Paksitan included several meetings with the State Department. This apparent conflict of interest did not prevent Secretary Clinton from appointing her friend Raphel to a State Department position. According to government documents, Raphel’s former employer began contacting Raphel about Pakistan shortly after she assumed her new State Department position.

It has not yet been revealed why Raphel is under investigation by the F.B.I, but the Washington Post reported the investigation is “part of a counterintelligence probe.” Raphel is no longer employed by the State Department.