Clinton’s State Failures Continue As Nuclear Talks Stall Again

With the news out today that the Iran nuclear talks are being extended yet again, many are skeptical that a deal will be reached. But not so long ago, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was bullish on the Iran nuclear talks standing by the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran.

And earlier this year, Clinton even took credit for her role in the negotiations before leaving the administration:

“Well as you know, I worked very hard and led our efforts to get the sanctions to be international that brought Iran to the negotiating table and sent one of my trusted advisors early in 2012 to begin that process of what – how big will the table be and who gets to sit around it and the like. And I have followed what has been done since then.”

As a quick refresher, Clinton’s talks with Iran got us nowhere and she often worked against the sanctions she later championed:

What Clinton didn’t mention was that top officials from her own State Department—in conjunction with the rest of the Obama administration—often worked hard against many of the measures she’s now championing. Some bills Foggy Bottom slowed down; others, the State Department lobbied to be made less strict; still others were opposed outright by Clinton’s deputies, only to be overruled by large majorities in the House and the Senate.

Oops! When you’re rewriting history, it’s so hard to keep track of those pesky details.

But for Clinton, it should actually be pretty easy. Her accomplishments at State amount to a big ol’ goose egg. Here’s a list of 10 people, including Clinton herself, who couldn’t name an accomplishment of hers at State when asked.