10 Reasons To Vote Against Democrats TODAY

1) Obama, his policies, and his Democrats are on the ballot on November 4th. He said so:

“[My] policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.” – President Obama

He specifically said

“If Michelle Nunn wins, that means Democrats keep control of the Senate.”

Meanwhile, First Lady Michelle Obama credited Mark Udall with enabling Obama’s agenda. michelle_nunn_thanks_obama And remember…. Voted With Obama Graphic Website 2) Iowa Democrat Bruce Braley Insulted Iowa Farmers We caught him dismissing Senator Chuck Grassley as just “a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school.”

To try to make up for it, he lied to a voter and told her that he (a trial lawyer!) is a farmer himself! He also said being a trial lawyer is “no different” than farm work and defended saying a farmer can’t lead the judiciary committee.

3) Democrat Mary Landrieu Doesn’t Live In Her State, Billed Taxpayers For Private Jets, And Insulted Her State

She lives full-time in her $2.5 million D.C. mansion and doesn’t even own a home in Louisiana! She billed taxpayers for $33,700 worth of private flights since 2002 to fundraisers and other campaign functions, which is illegal.

Also, Landrieu recently said she thinks she and Obama are unpopular in Louisiana because voters are racist and sexist.

4) Arkansas Democrat Mark Pryor Dismissed His Opponent’s Military Service And said it gives him a “sense of entitlement.” seriously 5) This Kentucky Democrat Who Won’t Answer Questions

Even Hillary Clinton thinks Alison Lundergan Grimes should be disqualified!

6) This Georgia Democrat Whose Leaked Campaign Plan Is Really Embarrassing 

Michelle Nunn’s campaign plan talked about whether or not she should take stances on important issues, stereotyped people by race and religion, and talked about how her organization had given service awards to “terrorists” with ties to Hamas and “inmates.” 7) The New York Democrat Who Billed Taxpayers For His Wedding Tank Maloney Tank 8) 2014 Democrats Have Been Campaigning With Hillary Clinton, Who Said THIS

“Don’t Let Anybody Tell You That It’s Corporations And Businesses That Create Jobs” – Hillary Clinton

And 2014 Democrats have been THRILLED to campaign with her.

9) Democrats Lie To Voters To get Elected Like when they know they can’t win as Democrats, they run as pretend “Independents.” air-quotes (1) 10) Democrats Voted For Obamacare And Still Think It’s A Good Idea They voted for it. voted for obamacare They still somehow think it’s a good idea! giphy (18)