Will Hillary Clinton Finally Take A Position On The Medical Devices Tax?

Later today, Hillary Clinton will be giving a paid speech to the Advanced Medical Technology Association’s (AdvaMed) in Chicago before campaigning for the “miserably unpopular” Pat Quinn. Clinton, who has said she “fully supports” the law will be speaking to an association that “strongly opposes” the medical device tax and has even called for its repeal. As AdvaMed puts it, the tax “harms job creation, deters medical innovation and increases the cost of health care.” Hillary Clinton was the “Mother of Obamacare” and a key internal supporter to getting the bill passed. Before receiving her $250k fee, where was Clinton in opposing this job killing tax? This is yet another example of where Clinton will be wedged between her big money paydays and her party’s job-killing taxes and regulations.

UPDATE: Clinton said “I don’t know what the right answer about the tax is” at the event. Hillary_laugh