Top 6 Things To Know About Mark Pryor (D-AR)

Mark Pryor is running for his third term in the U.S. Senate.

1. Pryor Thinks ObamaCare Is “An Amazing Success Story”

In August 2013, Pryor visited Mercy Hospital in Rogers, Arkansas. While touring the hospital, Pryor told the press that ObamaCare has been ” an amazing success story.”

2. Pryor Would Vote For ObamaCare Again

Pryor said that, knowing what he knows now, he would have still voted for ObamaCare again. Not only did Pryor reaffirm his support for the President’s failed law, but he also dismissed claims of people losing their insurance as “anecdotal.”

3. Pryor Lied When He Said If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It

After the Senate’s passage of ObamaCare in 2009, Pryor issued a press release that claimed the law would “protect and expand an individual’s choice of doctors and insurance plans.” In 2012, Pryor doubled down on his claim that ObamaCare would protect insurance plans by telling Arkansas Business that the “bottom line” is businesses would be able to keep their existing plans. Pryor’s claims turned out to be false, and at least 35,000 Arkansans have lost their existing insurance plans due to ObamaCare regulations.

4. Pryor Thinks Obama “Is Exactly The Right Guy For This Moment In History”

How deep is Pryor’s affection for President Obama? Well, Pryor thought that there was a sense of “destiny” about him, and that Obama was “exactly the right guy for this moment in history.”

5. Pryor Is A Rubber Stamp For The Obama Agenda

According to Congressional Quarterly, on average, Pryor has voted for President Obama’s agenda at least 90 percent of the time.

6. Pryor Tried To Blame His Opponent For Ebola

The ad was immediately denounced by media.