Top 6 Things To Know About Mark Begich (D-AK)

Mark Begich

Mark Begich is running for reelection as U.S. Senator from Alaska.

1. Begich Has Inflated His Accomplishments In The Senate

Begich claimed he could “talk to you until you’re blue in the face” about his accomplishments for Alaska, but his only bill that became law renamed a courthouse. You can watch Begich fail to defend his ineffectiveness here.

2. Begich’s Failed Promise: ObamaCare Makes Insurance More Affordable For Alaska

Despite Begich promising ObamaCare would make insurance more affordable for Alaskans, Alaskans buying insurance through ObamaCare’s marketplace will experience more than a 30 percent rate increase next year, and many others have lost their health insurance. However, Begich said he would vote for ObamaCare again.

3. Mark Begich Stands By Obama

Begich claims to be a thorn in Obama’s side but votes with him 97% of the time.

4. The Debt Has Increased Under Begich’s Watch

Begich has discussed the disastrous effects of an increasing national debt, but Begich is part of theproblem, having voted to increase the national debt multiple times since taking office.

5. Begich Left Anchorage With A Shortfall

As mayor of Anchorage, Begich gave a “rosy picture” to the Anchorage Assembly while “some departments were overspending their calendar-year budgets.” Following Begich’s departure from the Mayor’s office, Anchorage announced a $17 million revenue shortfall and an audit later revealed his administration “failed to practice ‘prudent fiscal management’ in certain areas.”

6. Begich Failed Alaska On Energy

Begich said that he would not only be able to cross party lines to open ANWR but would even bang Obama over the head a few times to convince him to drill in ANWR, but ANWR is still closed. Instead of standing for Alaskans, Begich stands with the EPA.