Top 6 Things To Know About Alison Lundergan Grimes

Alison Lundergan Grimes is running to be the U.S. Senator from Kentucky.

1. No One Knows What Grimes Stands For

Since announcing in July 2013, Grimes has repeatedly dodged questions about the issues, as one senior adviser says “she is definitely looking into her positions.” She has avoided answering questions about whether she would vote for President Obama again or vote for Harry Reid as Senate Democrat leader. Asked for her positions on EPA regulations, cap-and-trade, drilling in ANWR, delaying ObamaCare’s individual mandate, the Bipartisan Budget Act, the assault weapons ban, higher taxes, immigration and gay marriage, Grimes had dodged and ducked giving her positions.

2. Harry Reid’s Candidate

Grimes is the chosen candidate of Barack Obama and Harry Reid. As a partisan liberal Democrat, she attended the 2012 Democrat National Convention “to support our nominee” Barack Obama. Before announcing her candidacy in July 2013, Grimes quietly traveled to Washington, D.C., for a private meeting with Harry Reid. They met for 30 minutes and in a follow-up conversation, Reid encouraged Grimes to run. She also claimed she’d fight Reid on coal for Kentucky, but the truth is she never planned to.

3. ObamaCare Supporter

Grimes is an ObamaCare supporter and opposes repeal. In Gilbertsville in August 2013, Grimes said “we need to be working to find common-sense solutions in moving forward with the implementation.” Later, Grimes “actually drew a link between the fatty foods sold” at the Kentucky State Fair and the need to have ObamaCare. Her advisor also said she would become more outspoken in support for Obamacare.

4. An Ineffective Secretary Of State

As her “first act as Secretary Of State,” Grimes issued honorary Kentucky Colonelcy to campaign supporters with a special letter of thanks on state stationary. According to one analysis, Grimes awarded the certificates to about 675 people who contributed to her campaign. Additionally, now that she is running for Senate, Grimes has broken her pledge to serve all four years as Kentucky’s Secretary of State. Ethics complaints were also filed against her for sending fundraising emails to KY county clerks.

5. Grimes Is A Far-Left Liberal

Her stances are indistinguishable from those of Obama and Hillary Clinton, but she has refused to tell Kentucky voters whether or not she voted for Obama. She also campaigned with far-left Liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren. Finally, she attended a large meeting of prominent progressive and Liberal donors and tried to hide from our camera.

Grimes Hillary Clinton Obama

6. She Doesn’t Stand For Kentucky

As a lawyer, Grimes represented offshore online gambling websites, which Democrat Gov. Beshear said “deprived Kentucky horse tracks of gambling revenue and posed ‘a tremendous threat’ to Kentuckians.” She also owns a stake in her father’s controversial property, which has been described as “vile” by neighbors. They have also failed to pay overdue fees on the property.