Who Paid For Clinton’s Private Jet To Iowa This Time?

Relating to Iowans isn’t going to be easy for the former Secretary of State.

Fresh off embarrassing headlines from her $50,000 flight to the Harkin Steak Fry,  Clinton is taking another undoubtedly pricey private jet flight for an Iowa campaign swing. The big question is, was today’s plane also paid for by hard dollar donations intended to help Iowa Democrats?

Records from Flight Aware confirm that a private jet flew from Westchester County to the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids, where Clinton headlined a rally for Bruce Braley earlier today.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 5.16.04 PM

The plane was then flown from from The Eastern Iowa airport to Davenport Municipal Airport, 17 minutes from where Clinton’s second campaign event will be held.Clinton Plane 2


The 16-minute empty flight from Cedar Rapids to Davenport was presumably made so that Clinton wouldn’t have to deal with the grueling 78-mile car ride in a motorcade back to the first airport she landed at.

Clinton Plane 3

Now the only question that remains is, who paid for this jet?