Mary Landrieu: I Want To Run On My Record

At last night’s Senate debate in Louisiana, Mary Landrieu said: “I want to run on my record of 18 years. I’m proud of my record.”

It’s too bad for Landrieu that the people of Louisiana don’t feel the same way. Here’s why:

– Landrieu has voted with President Obama 95% of the time since he became President

– She couldn’t use her so-called “clout” to overcome her own Party to green light the Keystone XL pipeline

– She talks a big game against the EPA and Obama’s energy policies, but hasn’t stopped their overreach

– She voted for and stands by her vote for ObamaCare, a disastrous law that has raised the cost of healthcare for many Louisianans

– And the national debt has risen by trillions since she’s joined the Senate thanks to her many votes to continually raise the debt ceiling.