IL Dem Gets Owned On Personally Profiting From The Industries He Decries

Republican Bob Dold laid into Democrat Brad Schneider during this afternoon’s debate. With Schneider glossing over his hypocritical votes, Dold set the record straight:

“Brad you say one thing and do another. You’ve rallied against the Koch Brothers and the fossil fuel industry, yet invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to line your pockets. You say you’re for small business, yet vote against small business over 70 percent of the time. You say you’re going to be bipartisan, yet have produced nothing but a partisan record as noted by the Chicago Tribune and others, and are running a very partisan campaign. You said you wouldn’t cut a single penny from Medicare, yet have gutted the program by over $700 billion. After you’ve misled the voters this many times, how can they expect to trust anything that you say?”

The only thing missing at the end of this clip is a mic drop.