Hagan Stumbles Down Stretch: 3 Terrible Moments In TV Interview

Kay Hagan had a disastrous TV interview that aired tonight. Check out her completely unprepared responses to these straightforward questions, all of which she’s been asked before:

Kay Hagan Won’t Say If President Obama Is Doing A Good Job

Just last week, Hagan was asked three times in one interview if she thought President Obama was a strong leader. She didn’t give an answer then, and the best she could do tonight was to offer up a puzzling word salad.

Kay Hagan Doesn’t Know How Many Senate Armed Services Committee Hearings She’s Missed

Hagan couldn’t answer when asked how many Armed Services Committee hearings she’s missed. North Carolina voters know of at least one—the one she skipped to attend a ritzy fundraiser in New York City. She reluctantly conceded at the end that she hadn’t missed any other committee hearings for fundraisers – but sure didn’t seem confident about that answer.

We do know Hagan has missed at least half of the Armed Services hearings in 2014.

Kay Hagan Refuses To Say If She Regrets Repeating The ObamaCare Lie Of The Year

Hagan repeated the 2013 Lie of the Year—“If you like your health care plan, you can keep it”—a whopping 22 times. Asked if she regrets repeating that lie so many times, Hagan has no response.