From Voting With Obama 99% Of The Time To Obamacare, Mark Udall Regrets Nothing!

Mark Udall sat down with Eli Stokols yesterday to talk about his campaign. The interview was a bit of a disaster for Udall. He was questioned about why he’s not campaigning on Obamacare, what his biggest regret is from the last 6 years, and why he supported a Carbon Tax over immigration reform.

He also volunteers a plan to keep terrorists “here”—whether that means Colorado or the United States is unclear.

Here are the worst moments for Udall from the interview:

1. Udall Calls ObamaCare A Success, But Won’t Run On It

Stokols asks Udall why he’s not running ads about Obamacare if he thinks it’s such a wild success. Udall replies that “we’ve talked about a lot of issues in this campaign,” dodging the question and a more public embrace of the unpopular law.

2. Udall Has No Regrets About His Time In The Senate

When Stokols asks Udall “what decision do you regret the most” during his six years in the Senate, Udall replies, “I don’t have any regrets just sitting here right now.” He then continues to stammer and names a vote from his days in the House. Given that Udall voted 99% with Obama, this is a telling moment.

3. Udall’s Plan For Guantanamo Bay: We’ll Keep The Terrorists Here

Udall did offer that he wishes the Senate had made it easier to move the most heinous war criminals from Guantanamo Bay to the U.S. “We’ll keep the terrorists here,” Udall tells Stokols.

4. Udall Gets Caught In A Lie, Says He Did Not Put Cap And Trade Before Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Udall tells Stokols that he did not call on Congress to act on a cap and trade bill before addressing immigration reform, although the Denver Post reported at the time that that is exactly what he did.