Gary Peters Exaggerated & Misrepresented His Military Record

A scathing report by Breitbart News reveals Michigan Democrat Gary Peters at best exaggerated and at worst lied about his military record, according to military professionals familiar with a FOIA of Peters’ Navy service.

Among other exaggerations, Peters claims he was “an expert pistol and rifle marksman.”

His record jacket shows that not only is that not true—but Peters actually made up a new, cooler-sounding firearms qualifications level for his campaign. Peters was never an “expert marksman” in either firearm category because there is no such category of qualification. In reality, according to military records, Peters was a “sharpshooter”—a lower military qualification than “expert”—in both M16 rifle and 9 MM pistol.

Peters also claims to have built bridges while “getting shot at.”

“He’s purchasing the supplies for the other guys to build bridges and it’s not likely he’s ever getting shot at,” Semerad said in a followup phone interview on Thursday afternoon. “He’s back in an office in a safe place. He is in an office on a computer and on the telephone. …”

Peters’ misleading statements about his military career raise serious questions about his Senate candidacy and willingness to be honest to Michigan voters.