Embarrassing Grimes Memo Reveals Scripted, Overly Political Candidate

Alison Grimes has been criticized for her overly scripted, talking point heavy campaign style. Today a blatantly political memo was released to the Weekly Standard that showed just that. The memo addressed to Alison Lundergan Grimes’ offered her talking points in preparation for an editorial board meeting happening today.

According to the Weekly Standard, the memo tells Grimes exactly what to say to the Courier-Journal editorial board including things like this in the “guns” section:


Grimes is encouraged—“ONLY IF PUSHED,” the memo insists—to scale back the red-meat rhetoric.’

And for Obamacare: Under the “IF PUSHED” heading, there are no talking points.

Many of the sections also include “ATTACK MCCONNELL” bullets that lay out staged political attacks.

The memo offers no position or talking points under the heading “gun show loophole.”

With 3 weeks until the election, she’s running out of time to come up with one.