Crazytown NH Dem Says NH Opposes ObamaCare Because It Doesn’t Go Far Enough

In what has to be one of the craziest public statements about ObamaCare this cycle, New Hampshire Democrat Ann Kuster claimed that people in New Hampshire oppose ObamaCare because it didn’t go far enough, like she would have preferred:

“There are people in those polls who don’t like the Affordable Care Act because they prefer the public option … but, there are people in the poll that, they say no to ObamaCare because they want a system more similar to Canada.”

It’s unclear what poll Kuster is referring to or what percentage of New Hampshire voters she claims oppose ObamaCare for this reason. What is clear is that most New Hampshire voters oppose ObamaCare.

Regardless, it reinforces the point that moderators made at the last debate—despite most New Hampshire voters opposing ObamaCare, Kuster thinks even more Obama run health care would be popular. Ok then.