Congratulations To Newest Addition To Democratic Plagiarist Hall Of Fame

This year, Democrats have followed in the footsteps of Vice President Joe Biden, who, in 1988, was forced to quit his run for president due to a plagiarism scandal. This year, plenty more Democrats have joined his ranks and taken a stand for stealing other people’s ideas.

bidenframe Just last week, Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed reported that the Democrat running for governor of South Dakota “plagiarized parts of her issues page” from two other Democratic gubernatorial candidates, including part of one candidate’s biography! Susan-Wismer Earlier this year, Kaczynski also reported that Florida Democrat Corry Westbrook plagiarized much of her issues page.


Who could forget one of 2014’s most notorious plagiarizers, Montana Senator John Walsh? Like Biden, Walsh dropped out of his election race due to plagiarizing his master’s paper thesis in 2007.


Finally, we are proud to announce the NEWEST addition to the Democratic Plagiarist Hall Of Fame! Tennessee Democratic Senate Nominee Gordon Ball “appears to have plagiarized nearly every word on his issues pages from a vast array of politicians,” reports Kaczynski. Congratulations Gordon Ball, for joining this not-so-exclusive club!