Clinton Gitmo Plan Would Have Sent Even More Fighters To ISIS

new report shows that U.S. intelligence analysts believe that that 20 to 30 former Guantanamo Bay detainees have joined the terrorist group ISIS, and at least another 150 have joined other militant groups in Syria.

If Hillary Clinton had gotten her way, the remaining detainees at Gitmo would be transferred out of the prison – potentially to the United States, or released to rejoin terrorist groups. Clinton has a long history of advocating for the closure of Gitmo. As a Senator, she co-sponsored legislation to close the prison and in 2013, Clinton wrote a memo urging President Obama to invoke executive privilege and bypass Congressional oversight in order to close the prison.

The fact that Gitmo detainees are returning to the battlefield should come as no surprise, and serves as a stark reminder of how wrong Clinton’s foreign policy judgment has been. In September 2011, years before Clinton’s memo, the Director of National Intelligence estimated that more than 160 detainees that had been released from Guantanamo Bay were suspected of having already re-engaged in terrorist activities.