6 Reasons Bruce Braley Is Too Liberal For Iowa


1) Braley votes with Democrats 97% of the time.


2) He says Nancy Pelosi was “an enormously effective speaker.”


3) Bruce thinks Obama “hasn’t gotten proper credit” for the good job he’s done.


4) He says that Hillary Clinton was a “great success” as Secretary of State.”

clinton glasses gif

5) Braley says Obamacare was “one of the proudest bills” he ever voted on.


6) Finally, he praised Cap and Trade’s regulations on farmers.

“I’m hopeful we will see the benefits that farmers can provide in reducing carbon emissions and include these things, such as methane digesters and no-till farming. The energy revolution has begun. We need your help to make it a reality. And I yield the balance of my time.” (Rep. Bruce Braley, Committee On Energy And Commerce, Subcommittee On Energy And Environment, U.S. House, 4/21/09)