2 Direct Questions Mark Udall Won’t Answer At Debate

Right off the bat during today’s Colorado Senate debate, Mark Udall was finding ways to avoid answering direct questions about his record.

After Udall declared his support for a carbon tax and celebrated putting a price on carbon, Cory Gardner asked Udall: “What is the price you would put on carbon?”

Udall’s response includes mentions of floods, fires, and droughts, but not the price he would put on carbon and the burden it would place on Colorado families.

Later, Gardner asked Udall if he broke his word when he promised Colorado families that if they like their healthcare plans, they could keep them:

Again Udall, completely unable to answer, calls Colorado a state of “rugged collaborators” but he doesn’t say yes or no to the simple question he is asked.

Why is Udall so evasive about his Senate record? Because he has voted with President Obama 99% of the time, and that doesn’t sit well with Colorado voters.