Watch Mark Udall Completely Change His Tune on ISIL & Obama in 2 Debates

A very different Mark Udall showed up at tonight’s Colorado Senate debate. Udall took totally different positions on ISIL and his relationship with President Obama. It must’ve been the Windsor knot over the bolo tie that caused the change.

Just last month at a candidate debate, Udall said that “ISIL does not pose an imminent threat” to the United States:

But tonight, suddenly, Udall finds himself saying “ISIL is a serious and immediate threat”:

And just a few weeks ago, at their first Senate debate, Udall claimed that he was “the last person” President Obama wanted to see walking up the White House lawn, despite voting with the President 99% of the time:

But tonight, Udall folded, admitting he became a laughingstock for the outrageous claim: