Udall Ran In 2008 On A Health Care Lie

harry potterMark Udall was elected to the Senate on a lie. The Denver Post reported that in 2008 Udall told Coloradans during a debate that he was not for the public option but instead wanted to enhance and improve “the employer-based system that we have.”

“I’m not for a government-sponsored solution,” Udall said. “I’m for enhancing and improving the employer-based system that we have.”

Once he was in office however, Udall began singing a different tune and supported a government-run public option as part of ObamaCare. He even advocated for it. Udall wants the unpopular ObamaCare to go even further than it currently does.

This isn’t the only time Udall has lied to Coloradans either. He lied to nearly 340,000 Coloradans about being able to keep their health plans under ObamaCare. Colorado just can’t trust Mark Udall.