PolitiFact: Michelle Nunn Did Not Grow Up In Georgia

Michelle Nunn grew up in ritzy suburbs of Washington, D.C.; however, she’s now telling voters that she spent “most” of her childhood in Georgia.

PolitiFact took note of Nunn’s deception and rated her claim of spending “most” of her childhood in Georgia as false.

And the facts are clear: Nunn spent 12 of those years living outside of Georgia.

Even accounting for summer vacations and holidays, any claim that she spent “most” of her childhood here is inconsistent with the facts.

Nunn’s campaign admits it made a mistake with its statement, and there are multiple instances of her acknowledging her move from Georgia.

Nunn did spend part of her childhood in Georgia. But certainly not most of it.

We rate the invitation’s claim Mostly False.

Nunn is going to have a hard time convincing Georgians that she isn’t a Washington insider when her own campaign memo identified her vulnerability of not being a “real” Georgian.