Open Questions For Kansas Senate Candidate Greg Orman

Greg Orman is trying to deceive Kansas voters in his campaign for the Senate. Though he ran previously as a Democrat, has Democratic staff, and donated to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, he claims to be an “Independent.”

This isn’t the only thing he’s been deceitful about.

The details of Greg Orman’s liberal positions on the issues and his work as a Cayman Islands investor and financial advisor to a convicted felon are still opaque. Greg Orman must come clean with the voters of Kansas before the November election. The media and the electorate must hold him accountable.

Among the unanswered questions about Greg Orman are:

Shady Business Dealings

Rajat Gupta and New Silk Route

1. What are the details of Orman and convicted insider trading felon Rajat Gupta’s friendship and when did they become business partners?

2. How did Orman learn of Gupta’s insider trading and why did he continue defending a criminal?

3. Why did Gupta hand-pick Orman to be a member on the board of New Silk Route, a Cayman Islands based private equity firm that invests in the Middle East and Asia?

4. What countries and companies is New Silk Route invested in?

5. As a board member, why did Orman approve the investment firms incorporation in the Cayman Islands rather than the United States?

6. What compensation or benefits did Orman receive from sitting on the board of New Silk Route for Gupta? What other business dealings did his network of LLC’s have with New Silk Route or organizations in its investment portfolio?

Taxes and Investments

7. Will Greg Orman release his tax returns dating back 10 years and make publicly available a list of all his investments?

8. In light of the significant number of capital gains income listed on Orman’s PFD and his involvement in companies that use tax shelters, what is his effective tax rate?

9. Petroleo Brasileiro is one company listed on Orman’s personal financial disclosure. They formerly invested in Iran’s oil development. Do any of Orman’s other investments have business in Iran, Syria, or other countries that have violated human rights?


10. When will Greg Orman come clean about what party he will caucus with in the Senate?

11. It’s clear Greg Orman is pro-choice and pro-amnesty for illegal immigrants. Does he support full open borders and unrestricted abortion or are there limits?

12. Does Greg Orman agree with President Obama’s decision to arm Syrian rebels and air strikes to combat ISIS?

13. What are Greg Orman’s positions on important energy issues like the Keystone XL pipeline and cap and trade?