NH Dem’s Business Credentials: Selling Stolen Goods


Jeanne Shaheen likes to tell supporters that she knows the challenges small business owners are facing because the New Hampshire Democrat once owned a small business with her husband.

What she doesn’t tell folks is that she co-ran ‘Bill & Bobs – A Sterling Example’ “that once sold thousands of dollars-worth of stolen jewelry,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Bill & Bob’s bought $11,000 worth of stolen jewelry from burglars thanks to their lax “no questions asked” policy.

“It was a known fact that Bill and Bob’s would buy any silver and gold without asking many questions,” one burglar told police, according to a Sep. 6, 1980 report by the Foster’s Daily Democrat newspaper, which extensively covered the trial.

But who could blame Bill & Bob? When they did ask about the source of the jewelry once, the burglar told them he had found $6,000 worth of jewelry “on the beach by using a metal detector.” Air tight!

It’s clear now that Jeanne Shaheen’s record as a business owner is, in fact, stolen sterling.