Mass. Dem Blasts Corporate Inversions, Profits From Its Practice

Poor John Tierney. The career politician is having a rough week. Earlier, two major newspapers endorsed his opponents in the upcoming Democrat primary.

And now, new video is exposing Tierney as a typical Washington politician—saying one thing to a group of supporters while doing another behind closed doors. At a Labor Day event yesterday in Boston, Tierney criticized corporate inversions:

Sounds great on the stump! But financial documents show Tierney recently purchased thousands of dollars worth of stock in Berkshire Hathaway, a company that’s facilitating Burger King’s move to Canada to avoid paying U.S. taxes:


So while Tierney is criticizing corporate inversions, he’s profiting from those who do it. Even after 18 years in Washington, Tierney is somehow finding new and even more ridiculous ways to deceive voters.