Mark Pryor Gets Free DC Lodging From A Lobbyist

While in Washington, D.C., Mark Pryor stays with his lobbyist brother, David Pryor Jr., the director of federal government affairs for Microsoft.The Weekly Standard reported on a 2008 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette profile that claimed Pryor “stays in an extra bedroom” at his brother’s house in northwest Washington.

After selling his Arlington home, Pryor appears to have started living with his brother, David Pryor Jr., while in Washington. According to a 2008 profile of Pryor in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, the senator “gets to work between 6 and 7 each morning and usually leaves late, grabbing something to eat on the way to his brother’s house near the National Zoo, where he stays in an extra bedroom.” David and his wife purchased the home on Irving Street in northwest Washington in 2000 for around $570,000, and the home is now valued at over $1 million.

A call to Pryor’s reelection campaign to confirm the senator’s D.C. residency has not been returned.

David Pryor Jr. is currently a registered lobbyist for Microsoft. In 2013, Mark Pryor became the chair of subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet. The Weekly Standard notes “many of the issues David Pryor has lobbied on behalf of fall under that subcommittee’s purview.”

David Pryor is the director of federal government affairs at Microsoft and a registered lobbyist for the company, where he’s been since 2009. Prior to that, he worked as a lobbyist for FedEx. Since 2013, Mark Pryor has chaired the Senate Commerce subcommittee on communications, technology, and the Internet, and many of the issues David Pryor has lobbied on behalf of fall under that subcommittee’s purview.

Mark Pryor living with his brother who lobbies on issues related to his subcommittee clearly raises some red flags on special interest and insider access.