What We Learned From The First Hearing Of The Benghazi Select Committee

  1. The Clinton State Department did not follow security standards and engaged in a “purposeful effort to skirt [physical security] standards.”
  2. The Accountability Review Board (ARB) does not fit “anyone’s definition of being fiercely independent.”
  3. The State Department “made up” the term for the Benghazi diplomatic facility to intentionally avoid security standards.
  4. The Accountability Review Board (ARB) Clinton often cites was limited in its ability to investigate the Benghazi attacks and those limitations clearly impacted its effectiveness.
  5. The State Department rejected “the most important” recommendation made by the independent best practices panel.
  6. Four Americans “paid the price” for the Clinton State Department’s communications and logistical failures.
  7. Two security tripwires were tripped prior to the Benghazi attack.
  8. Former high-ranking DHS official and member of the independent review panel, Todd Keil, said he would have been “extremely frustrated” if he was on the ground in Benghazi.