Landrieu Subpoenaed To Defend Her Ridiculous Louisiana Residency Claims

she doesn't even go hereMary Landrieu has been subpoenaed to appear before a Louisiana court to convince the judge that she actually lives in the state and is qualified to run for the Senate. That may be difficult to prove. Landrieu doesn’t actually have a home in Louisiana. She claims to live at her parents’ home even though the neighbors never see her around. While Landrieu doesn’t own her own home in Louisiana, she can afford to live in a $2.5 million home in D.C., the city she’s lived in since she was elected to the Senate in 1997.

It appears Landrieu is qualified to run for the Senate – just not in Louisiana. She would make a great candidate for Senate in D.C. if it ever becomes the 51st state. D.C.’s mayor sure seems to think so and so do we.