Kansas Dem Is Kidding Himself About “Independence”


Greg Orman is playing a game with Kansas voters. Here’s how it works: tell everyone you’re tired of politics as usual and that neither political party has your loyalty. But behind the scenes, and here’s the fun part, run your campaign as part of the Democrat Party machine.

It’s win-win for Orman. He gets to appear to be an “independent,” while getting all the money and backing of a Democrat candidate.

The Washington Post noticed that Orman’s rhetoric wasn’t matching his actions. They point out that “Orman’s pollster is Dave Beattie, a Democrat” and he just hired Mike Phillips, “the former DSCC hand who also worked on the 2010 campaign of now-DSCC Chairman Michael Bennet (Colo.).”

Combine that with Orman’s donations to Democrat candidates and the fact that his ad-maker is Adelstein Liston, whose clients include President Obama, and groups supporting Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and the writing is on the wall.

The only problem for Orman and his game is how quickly voters can figure it out.