Just Weeks Ago Clinton Echoed Obama’s Indecisive Approach To ISIS

In typically Clintonian fashion, just one day after two national polls showed overwhelming support for a more aggressive foreign policy strategy in confronting the terrorist group ISIS, and widespread disapproval for Obama’s leadership, anonymous Clinton aides are attempting to posture the former Secretary of State away from her old boss.

But the reality is Sec. Clinton herself echoed Obama’s indecisive, wait-and-see approach just a few weeks ago.

Speaking at the BIO International conference in San Diego, she said the U.S. “should not be committed to doing very much at all” in Iraq. She went on saying that we need a “clearer understanding” of all the players in the region and that there are “unanswered questions.”  In closing she said that she wouldn’t “be in favor of doing more than what the President has already agreed to.”

Watch Clinton parrot Obama’s ISIS position: