Is There Any Issue Position Greg Orman Has Settled On?


This weekend, Greg Orman was asked by a Kansas voter if he would vote to repeal ObamaCare, if he were elected to the Senate. Orman told the voter that he asked “an interesting question,” and then Orman walked away without answering.

The Washington Post followed up Sunday night, noting that Orman is actively trying to conceal his positions from Kansas voters as a tactic to appeal more broadly to the electorate. On a whole series of issues, Orman won’t take a public stance:

Greenlight the Keystone XL pipeline? Orman said he doesn’t have enough information to say yes or no.

What about gun control? He said gun restrictions should be “strengthened” but would not specify whether he backs an assault-weapons ban.

And on the biggest question of all — Would he caucus with Democrats or Republicans? — Orman insists he’s not sure.

The problem for Orman isn’t that he’s not sure about these key issues, it’s that he’s deliberatively hiding where he stands. Add this to the growing list of questions about his shady business dealings, and one thing is clear: nobody knows much of anything about Greg Orman.