Hillary Does Robocall for Corrupt New York Governor

One person who isn’t phased by Andrew Cuomo’s attempts to meddle with an independent ethics commission is Hillary Clinton – someone who has no problem skirting the line when it comes to ethical governance. Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 1.00.48 PM In July 2013, following a failure to pass ethics reform legislation in the New York legislature, Andrew Cuomo called together the Moreland Commission to investigate corruption in the New York government. What he didn’t count on was the commission doing its job and investigating the governor’s office as well. When the commission subpoenaed documents from key Cuomo allies and donors, Cuomo intervened instructing the commission to drop the subpoenas. In March 2014, Cuomo disbanded the commission nine months early. The US Attorney Preet Baharara suspected a political deal and launched a federal investigation. Having not quite learned the lesson, Cuomo’s aides pressured commission members to make public statements of support for the governor. Apparently, US Attorney Baharara felt that constitutes obstruction of justice. And apparently Hillary doesn’t mind.