Grimes Owns Stake In Her Father’s Disaster Area Property


Alison Lundergan Grimes can’t seem to get out from under the cloud of her shady business dealings with her father, Jerry Lundergan. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that Grimes owns a stake in Glenncase, LLC, which bought a controversial property.

Part of the controversy includes Grimes and Lundergan failing to pay $20,000 in water quality management fees, late fees, and fines. Lundergan paid $10,000 six months after the city threatened legal action, and another $12,369.81 came one day after an America Rising records request.

The property is creatively described in a number of disparaging ways in the Herald-Leader, including a “drug-infested haven.” At another point, the neighbors say they “view the property ‘with a great deal of disappointment.’” And it is described as being in a state of general disrepair with “soiled mattresses and tires, potholes and graffiti” leading to numerous code violations and fines.

Take a look for yourself: