Grimes Dodges On Every Topic During Radio Interview

Grimes went on Kentucky Sports Radio this morning for an “interview,” but it’s hard to say this interaction qualifies as an “interview” when Grimes dodged on just about every topic that was brought up.

“If a vote came up to repeal ObamaCare, how would you vote?” Grimes dodges and pivots to attacking her opponent, Mitch McConnell.

“Do you believe marijuana should be legal?” Grimes says “let’s have a discussion” and completely dodges the question multiple times. Oh, and then attacks her opponent.

“Do you believe gay people in America, across the board, should be able to get married?” Grimes lists random facts, like that she’s been married 8 years. Then says “my hope is that we can move forward.” Still waiting on a clear answer on that, too.

Great job, Grimes. I’m sure the host would love to have you back to actually get answers next time.