Georgia Democrat Caught Lying On Obama Support

Georgia Democrat John Barrow told voters “I don’t vote 85 percent of the time with anyone” in a new ad. But, in a private letter to donors in 2012, he wrote the complete opposite:

“Their first ad, slamming me for my support of President Obama, hit the airwaves last week,” Barrow wrote. “There is some truth to these Republican Party ads. Indeed, I have supported the president and the Democratic leadership, 85% of the time. …

“I proudly stood with the Democratic Party on issues that truly affect people — voting against defunding Planned Parenthood, voting against Paul Ryan’s radical budget proposal,” he continued. “I took tough votes to get our economy moving, supporting the stimulus and raising the debt ceiling.”

It’s clear that Barrow’s “independent” talk is just that and his record and private comments demonstrate that his true allegiances lie with Barack Obama and the Democrats.