Florida Democrat Exposed As A Washington Lobbyist


If there was one thing Gwen Graham didn’t want people knowing, it is the fact that her first job out of law school was working as a Washington, DC lobbyist. The Tampa Bay Times revealed that Graham worked at a Washington law firm, lobbying for a special interest group, the Secondary Lead Smelters Association.

As reported, that can be problematic for her fake-outsider campaign:

Lobbying disclosure records from 1989 and 1990 list Graham’s name — she was then Gwendolyn G. Logan and fresh out of American University – as working for the firm Andrews & Kurth, which represented the Secondary Lead Smelters Association.

For someone who has painted Southerland as corrupted by Washington’s ways, the lobbying tag could be problematic.

A note from her father’s office shows that she was in contact with her father about a lead bill, getting insider information about legislation impacting the lead group she was lobbying for:


So that raises a new question: Will Gwen follow her dad’s lead in listening to lead lobbyists in Washington?